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19 Oct 2005|02:08pm
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I'm through accepting limits, cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but till I try I'll never know.
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22 Jun 2003|09:42pm
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All I need to know about life I learned in skating: When you fall down you get back up.


name: jamie, jammer, jams, jamsie, etc
age: 21
birthdate: december 23, 1983
nationality: american, wannabe canadian
profession: ice dancer
obsessions: reading, writing, talking to shae, flirting with dave (my wifey), herding goats in Switzerland, herding osmonds in utah, being silly, dirty dancing, random music/soundtracks, sea salt and vinegar chips, and of course – being a potato with Jen the Beautiful Cow (moooo!), seabiscut the reindeer, victor kitty oh and BBGE! :-*

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“People change,” she said. "Not everything stays with you all your life.’’
.:Animal Dreams:.

I carried a watermelon.
.:Dirty Dancing:.

Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground…
.:James Taylor:.

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
.:Harry Potter:.

And I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.
.:Finding Nemo:.

And [I] keep trying to find a way to become what i'd like to be and what i could be if… if only there were no other people in the world.
.:Anne Frank:.

JAMMERISMS super hero
jammer: Super Rat
shae: haha..Super Rat
jammer: Saving the universe with his unruly hair
shae: oh god

jen: yes someone took a highlighter and coloured on my muffin!
jen: and now it looks like bran!
jammer: looks like someone ran over it with a car and then tried to make it look normal but it didn't work? ;-)
jen: yes exactly like that!
jen: OMG Jams did you do that to my muffin?
jammer: No.
jen: must of been Bran, he wanted me to look at my muffin and think of him
jammer: Oh I have no doubt in my mind that Brandon did that to your muffin
jammer: We should call him in and report him for muffin abuse. ;-)

jammer: *is still amazed by the potato*
dave: *gives you a potato*
jammer: *takes it cautiously*
jammer: *is amazed*
jammer: *caresses potato*
dave: *runs away*

jammer: And those sideburns? They've GOT TO GO!
ben: WHY? *protects them*
ben: they make me the king!
jammer: NO! *shaves them off*
jammer: YES!
jammer: It's either that or I'm going to set a torch to your head
jammer: And burn off all your hair.
jammer: Wait. That might make you look worse
jammer: *cracks up*
ben: JAMS!

vic: you should have your own show. it would be entertaining
jammer: What would we call it? Dumb and Dumber? ;)
vic: no that's what bran and I are going to call our show

jammer: I'm just a rotten potato and need to be turned into a mashed potato
jen: awwww that's so sad because I love mashed potatoes and I would eat you up and then you'll be no more and that would make me sad
jammer: Well I would be a rotten mashed potato so I would taste gross and you wouldn't want to eat me
jen: would you be covered in gravy
jammer: I don't know. You could cover me in it if you wanted to
jen: good I love gravy!
jen: what about lumps would you be lumpy
jammer: No I would have to be good and mashed to beat all the bad-potato-ness out of me
jen: good I wouldn't want to choke on you
jammer: do potato lumps make you choke, jen?
jen: yes they do and it would kill me and you would be arrested for murder
jammer: I would be a potato on the run
jammer: I would have to roll away quickly
jammer: So I wouldn't get caught
jen: yes and hide in a potato field with other refugee potatoes
jammer: Yes and then we will all get into a potato sack and sail to australia where we will be eaten by kangaroos
jen: I will be re-born as a joey and I will eat you with sour cream
jammer: But what if I'm still a lumpy potato and I kill your joey-self?
jen: well then I will be re-born as a cow and make sour cream to put on yourself
jen: moooooooooo
jammer: Yay! Jen you are such a beautiful cow! *potato self pets jen the cow*

dave: what if I began to snerk?
jammer: I would kill you.
jammer: And then I would eat you.
jammer: And then I would poop you out.
dave: *snerks*
jammer: *kills you, eats you, and poops you out*
dave: *swims in the toilet*


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